Why Neuro-Inclusive Cohousing?

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About Inclusive Housing

Neuro-Inclusive cohousing embraces people's diverse abilities, shapes, and sizes, including neurodiversity, which includes autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc. This section highlights the advantages of neuro-inclusive cohousing and guides you on how to participate in this unique intentional community that celebrates different ways of thinking.

Benefits of Neuro-Inclusive Cohousing

Support - Having a strong support network is key to living well with neurodiversity. In neuro-inclusive cohousing, residents can turn to one another for help around the house, with childcare, or with other daily tasks.

Mental Health - Neuro-inclusive cohousing can also provide a safe place to discuss mental health issues, like anxiety or depression, with other people who “get it.”

Safety - Individuals with varying needs may require specific safety features, such as wider doorways or lower kitchen counters for wheelchair users, incorporated into the home design.

The Path Towards Inclusion and Support

For successful neuro-inclusive cohousing, participants should agree on guidelines for support and inclusion, including a welcoming environment, a shared mission statement, and methods for mutual assistance.

Neuro-inclusive cohousing provides a supportive environment where residents of the community can turn to one another when they need help.


A neuro-inclusive cohousing community creates a welcoming environment with intentional community building, establishes shared vision and values, and explores way for the people who live there to support each other through social events, support groups, or skill-building workshops. 

Neuro-inclusive cohousing caters to diverse needs, offering a supportive environment, where  a welcoming atmosphere and inclusive design, guided by shared values, are essential for success.

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