Our Values

P – Perseverance & Compassion: We understand the challenges that loneliness and isolation can bring for those who have diverse intellectual abilities. We approach this issue with perseverance and compassion, offering support, understanding, and care to every individual on their unique journey.

O – Ongoing Nurturing of Community Impact: We strive to create a warm and inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, heard, and connected. Part of our mission is to nurture an ongoing community impact that goes beyond temporary solutions. Together, we will build a community that provides lasting support and a sense of belonging for all.

R – Respecting Individual Stories: We deeply respect everyone’s diverse stories and experiences. We embrace and celebrate unique perspectives and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Our community is a place where everyone can share their stories without judgment and build genuine connections.

C – Collaboration and Supportive Innovation: We believe in the power of collaboration and supportive innovation. Through teamwork and creative problem-solving, we develop solutions that address the specific needs of everyone in our community. By providing support, accommodations, and encouragement, we create an environment where individuals thrive and support one another.

H - Cultivating Happiness and Connection: We cultivate meaningful connections for everyone in our community. We recognize the importance of genuine human connections and inclusion for overall well-being. Through our efforts, we aim to create a community where loneliness is replaced with joy, and everyone, regardless of their abilities, experiences a sense of belonging and fulfillment.

At Front Porch Cohousing, we approach loneliness and isolation with empathy, care, and a commitment to building a nurturing and connected community that embraces and supports everyone with diverse intellectual abilities. Together, let’s create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued, connected, and cared for.


“I research and share information with individuals to help them prepare for Transitioning into their Adult Life in our community. I worry for the individuals I work with, but Front Porch Cohousing filled me with hope and gave my biggest dreams wings.”

Ms. Sarah Worthington M. Ed., Transition Coordinator – Pennsbury School District

“I’m encouraged about the work Front Porch Cohousing is doing in the community to address the critical shortage of neuro-inclusive cohousing options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, assuring they will never live alone or isolated.”

Jim Brexler, President & CEO – Doylestown Health Network

“With there being such a significant need for housing for people with disabilities in the Lehigh Valley, I’m thrilled to see the efforts and leadership that Front Porch Cohousing is making in creating inclusive and supportive cohousing options and opportunities.”

Seth Hoderewski, Director of Transition Services – Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living

Read About Our Future Plans

Our very first neuro-inclusive cohousing community will be opening in 2024! Explore our plans and discover how you can support our work.