Help give 20 IDD families a permanent and safe place to call home

Become a founding member of the Builders Guild and help us build a neuro-inclusive cohousing community so IDD individuals can have independence – and their families can have peace of mind.

Cohousing Concept

Neuro-inclusive communities can make the dream of homeownership a reality for neurodivergent adults

Neuro-inclusive cohousing is an intentional neighborhood of private homes for neurodivergent and neurotypical residents centered around shared values, common spaces, and bringing people together.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are our vibrant cohousing communities, which is why we rely on sustained support. Your monthly gift will help us make families with adult IDD children’s dreams come true. 

Let’s build the dream together.

We’re laying the foundation for strong social ties and a greater sense of belonging and independence

We believe that everyone deserves a safe, loving place to call home. One in which their strengths are celebrated and their contributions are valued.

When founders Jim and Nancy’s autistic son became an adult, they wanted to plan for a future in which he would have the support he needed as they aged.

When they couldn’t find a suitable place for him to live, they decided to build it and founded Front Porch Cohousing.

Today, we’re not just constructing homes but building neighborhoods where everyone belongs.


Neuro-inclusive communities built to last – and make a lasting impact

When you join the Builders Guild, you can help IDD individuals…

Front Porch Cohousing_Icons-01
Live independently & safely

Communities built around IDD needs promote a higher quality of life for all residents

Front Porch Cohousing_Icons-02
Build community & avoid isolation

“Community builder” residents are responsible for fostering integration, compassion, and neighborliness

Front Porch Cohousing_Icons-03
Obtain housing permanence & long-term wealth

Our cohousing neighborhoods offer not only stability, but homeownership


Together, we’re inspiring hope for a meaningful and fulfilling existence

“I’m encouraged about the work Front Porch Cohousing is doing in the community to address the critical shortage of neuro-inclusive cohousing options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, assuring they will never live alone or isolated.”

Jim Brexler, President & CEO – Doylestown Health Network

Join the Builders Guild and become a part of the community that’s building brighter futures

Brick by brick, each monthly gift helps contribute to strong communities for IDD individuals and their families. Join the Builders Guild monthly giving program today and help us build lasting impact.