Join Our Journey: Crafting a World of Inclusion and Empathy

  • At Front Porch Cohousing, we’re not just building homes; we’re nurturing a future where every individual, regardless of their intellectual and developmental abilities, finds a place to belong.  Your donation today doesn’t just erect walls—it weaves the fabric of a community.  This unique project in Bucks County aims to blend the lives of 20 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) with 25 neurotypical adults and families in a living tapestry of care and mutual support.

Transparent Impact, Real-Life Stories

  • Your generosity transforms into visible, heartwarming outcomes.  From the joy in residents’ eyes as they unlock their own homes for the first time to the laughter shared in community workshops—every dollar you contribute writes a story of hope and empowerment.  We pledge to keep you connected with the real-life impact of your contribution, showcasing how, together, we’re building more than homes—we’re building lives.
Be the Cornerstone of Change: A Community with Lasting Impact

  • Your contribution to our community sponsorship campaign isn’t just a donation; it’s a legacy.  Whether you choose to give once or support us regularly, your gift lays the foundation for a life-changing journey for adults with IDD.  Together, we can ensure this innovative housing program isn’t just a dream but a reality for those who need it most.

Your Action, Their Future: Paving the Path to Inclusion and Joy

  • Donate now to Front Porch Cohousing.  Your support is a powerful statement for inclusion, independence, and community.  Every contribution, big or small, unlocks a world of possibilities for those who have been waiting for a place to call home.  Together, we can turn the key to a brighter, more inclusive future.

Donate Now. Be the Change!

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