About Us

Autism is like being a helicopter in a world of airplanes. Both serve the same purpose but with different operating mechanics.

Studies show a brain developmental condition that brings lifelong challenges to a person’s communicative and social behavior; studies show that the neurodiverse autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is found in 1 out of 44 children in the US (CDC, 2021). Boys are thought to be four times as likely to have autism than girls, who are more likely to be diagnosed because past/current research and diagnostic criteria have not focused on females.

While ASD does suggest one is absorbed within themself, it does not mean that autistic people do not want others around. By stepping into their world, we pave the runway for a much brighter, more creative and sensitive community. Our team has taken this step by providing a non-exclusive, sustainable cohousing opportunity in a neuro-inclusive, interactive community known as Front Porch Cohousing.

Our Story

Front Porch Cohousing by NDL has a vision to ensure that housing and community options are as bountiful for adults living with neurodiversity as they are for everyone else. Founded by the parents of autistic children and adults, FPC aspires to make a difference within local communities and worldwide. Their Front Porch Cohousing project is aimed to provide the best-in-class, authentic and vibrant spaces that are not just houses but homes for adults experiencing neurological differences.

The development of neuro-inclusive cohousing communities requires a united effort from local government, non-profit organizations, and private citizens. By providing financial support, securing grant funding, and donating land or real estate, we can help to create a more inclusive, supportive, and vibrant community for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, seniors, and veterans.

Together, we can make a difference and pave the way for a brighter future for all.

What We Do

We’re building lifelong, safe, sustainable cohousing for adults with different intellectual abilities. Together, we can create solutions that address the issues that matter for greater independence.

We will partner with local agencies to help neuro-diverse adults find and keep meaningful and fulfilling employment with companies that understand and adapt to their unique needs.

Many neuro-diverse adults will need extra care and supportive community services throughout adulthood. Our goal is to create flexible programs that provide assistance at the level the individual needs and every stage of their lives

Many neuro-diverse adults do not get the opportunity to participate in different social interactions. Our cohousing community program will offer an opportunity to practice their social skills.

Our programs, initiatives and overall approach have the power to improve lives and give the next generation a future they can be excited about. Learn more about our approach, how we help and the resources we provide.

How You Can Help

We’d love to have you as part of our supporter community and work toward our vision of a better world for all. Explore the various ways to get involved, from volunteering and donating to attending events or becoming a partner.