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Creating community through neuro-inclusive cohousing

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Our Mission

To create, support, and promote neuro-inclusive cohousing by forming lifelong community for a broad spectrum of people with different intellectual abilities.

Our Vision

To deliver safe, stable, and lifelong inclusive cohousing for individuals and families, providing both independence and inclusion for residents.

Our Goal

To establish neuro-inclusive communities where all are able to have a happy, full and long life regardless of neurologic or financial circumstances.

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Neuro-Inclusive Cohousing Coming to the Lehigh Valley

Cohousing is community designed to foster connection. Physical spaces allow neighbors to easily interact with others just outside private homes. Common areas, including the kitchen, dining space and gardens bring people together. Collaborative decision-making builds relationships.

Intellectual Developmental Disorders (IDDs) are differences that are usually present at birth and that uniquely affect the trajectory of the individual’s physical, intellectual, and/or emotional development. IDDs often impact everyday social and life skills.

The basic idea of neuro-inclusivity, is that differences don’t have to only be looked at as weaknesses. They’re not problems that need to be “fixed” or “cured.” They’re simply variations of the human brain. 

We create solutions.

We’re committed to addressing the problems our community faces.

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Lack of Housing

Front Porch Cohousing is committed to providing housing to neuro-diverse adults and families.

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Quality Employment

We are partnering with local businesses as well as crafting positions within the community so all our community members have the opportunity to have a stable, fulfilling job.

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Lack of Long-Term Solutions

Through the utilization of the cohousing model, Front Porch Cohousing is establishing a sustainable living situation for adults and families.

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Need for Independence

Neuro-inclusive housing allows adults with IDDs, their family members, and neurotypical adults to live with the support of the intentional community with the independence and privacy of their own home.

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Our organization’s primary focus on creating a neuro-inclusive environment. IDDs affecting people of all races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds so part of being neuro-inclusive is committing to striving for equity.

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Lack of Support

Cohousing creates a larger community meaning that residents will have the support of their neighbors for their lifetime .


adults with autism receiving services in PA.


individuals care for someone with a disability.

$4,635 / Month

the national average for assisted living.

60% of Adults

with disabilities live in their family home.

9/10 Homes

for adults with disabilities are segregated.

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