Sponsor Independent Living

Approximately 5.4 million people in the US are autistic, and over 15,700 live locally in the Delaware Valley – the five counties surrounding Philadelphia.

87% of autistic adults live with their aging parents, but only 22% want to live there.

Will you offset the cost for an autistic adult to live in a safe, inclusive home?

75% of adults with autism or other neurodivergent individuals can’t afford to live on their own, and their families can’t support them living independently. What happens when adults with autism or other intellectual disabilities can no longer live at home? Where do they go? Where will they live?

This is where you come in.

Sponsorship Opportunity in Bethlehem, PA

In March, we can provide safe and secure housing for three adults with autism to live in this house, giving their parents peace of mind that, for the first time, their child will be able to live independently – free from isolation and loneliness. The dream of living independently in a safe, affordable community with neurotypical peers is something many adults with autism and the families who love them pray for them every day.

You can help them today by making a personal sponsorship commitment of $100-$250/month. Our goal is to offset their monthly living expenses for the first few months, and your contribution can make that a reality.

Tour the House

Meet Three Prospective Residents

Mark, Diana & James on the Front Porch

Every person deserves the opportunity to grow into a happy and fulfilled adult. And yet, this can be difficult for neurodivergent people because the future is so uncertain. You can change that!