We know that in a perfect world, you would have all the information needed to stay up-to date with trends and research. But unfortunately it’s not always easy trying find good sources when you’re buried neck deep into everyday activities! That’s why our team has gone through countless hours of effort just for YOU – so take advantage by exploring what they’ve compiled here in “Our Blog” and “Curated Articles”. Working alongside community members, partners, and leading experts in their field, our dedicated team has created this space to provide you with a centralized repository of relevant and actionable content.


Our blog brings together news, opinion, and perspectives from our team, and on occasion, guest bloggers. Our blogs aim to highlight and offer insights into the issues parents of neurodiverse children face such as housing, inclusion, along with other issues we care deeply about here at FPC such as neurodiversity & social change efforts!

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The world is changing too quickly for there not to be an authoritative source of information about what’s trending. Fortunately, our team has curated the best content from across the web and repurposed it into one easy-to-find spot so you can stay up on all things happening in your world without any hassle.