Board of Directors

The Front Porch Cohousing Board of Directors is the governing body of our nonprofit, focusing on the high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability of the organization. They are responsible for making key decisions that address the organization’s mission, strategy, and goals. They aim to address the public’s interest through the organization’s work and act as the legal voice for the organization.

Jim Richardson

Co-Founder &

Jim has over 35 years of consulting services experience and has been investing in real estate for 40 years. As a principal in a commercial real estate capital consulting firm, he has experience raising and managing discretionary investment capital. As a parent of a grown son with Autism, his business vision & personal mission connect in a most meaningful way.

Nancy Carey

Co-Founder & Vice

Nancy has been involved in the Autistic community since the day her son was diagnosed 25+ years ago. Her business background and personal interest in advancing awareness and support for individuals living on the Autistic spectrum has intersected in unique ways over the years.

Diane Lawson

Executive Director,

Diane has been involved in the special needs community since her son was diagnosed over twenty years ago. A professional in healthcare legal/insurance/risk management for over thirty years, Diane’s vision is to create a place where her son and others have the opportunity to live in their own homes and create a community filled with acceptance, safety, and love.

Steve Grumann

Executive Director, Government Relations

Born in Texas, raised in North Dakota, educated in Minnesota, and settled in Pennsylvania. Steve is the proud husband of TeriLyn Garrison and dad to Reed (22), Simon (20), and Lyla (15). The behavioral services they were able to get for their autistic son, Simon, lifted him from a frustrated, non-verbal mess of a boy into a highly articulate, kind, and engaged young man. As Simon makes his way into adulthood, Steve is immensely pleased to join the board of Neuro Diverse Living to create and operate the safe, respectful, and integrated living environments that Simon and everyone like him richly deserve.