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The Housing Dilemma for Adults with Autism
March 31, 2021

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When you have a disabled child living at home, it is the family’s responsibility to care for that child, not only in their day-to-day living but in finding external resources that add to their quality of life. This can be a struggle and a constant balancing act. Especially, when you have other children in the home who also need your attention.

Parents of children diagnosed with Autism often struggle not only with the emotional strain that their child is different, but how to find the right services that will help them to live a safe and productive life. In fact, Anne spent much of Christopher’s childhood arguing with school personnel and state programs trying to get the services he needed.

When asked what will happen when she and Dave are gone, Anne said, “We have a trust set up
to handle Christopher’s finances. But who is going to handle his emotional, social, and physical
well-being? Who will check his mail? Who will make sure his medications are being filled? Who
will accept him and support him?”

When Annie closes her eyes each night, her first thought is not to embrace something funny or hopeful that her son did that day. Instead, since he is now an adult, her mind is flooded with the despair of where her son will live the day her eyes shut for the last time. That’s a heavy burden to shoulder.

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