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Communities where adults with and without IDD's get the support they need.
About us Jim February 6, 2020
There are over 5.4 million Autistic adults living in the U.S., and some 87 percent of autistic adults live with their parents, according to the Autism Housing Network, and almost 1,000,000 of those live with family caretakers that are older than the age of 60.

According to the GAO, 500,000 youth with autism will enter adulthood by 2025, and current service systems in the US are not adequate to address the needs of this emerging population.

Parents With Adult Offspring Sitting On Steps in Front Of House
We're creating life-long solutions

Front Porch Cohousing is building lifelong, safe, sustainable cohousing for adults with and other without IDD.

Why Cohousing?

Front Porch Co-Housing: A Neuro Inclusive Community by NDL believes the best way to deliver on our vision is by providing a sense of belonging as we create authentic and vibrant spaces that are not just houses, but homes for adults experiencing neurological disorders. Our homes are designed to bring a sense of neighborhood while providing hope and peace of mind to the families and friends who support these adults, knowing their loved ones are in a community that will empower them.

We believe we can accomplish a nostalgic setting from a time when neighborhood kids played until the streetlights came on and people visited on their front porches through our co-housing model, a time when neighbors supported each other.

We're going to be addressing the issues that matter for greater independence
Sustainable Housing

Our mission is to provide adults with IDD’s safe, sustainable, practical housing with the support they need to live as independently as possible.
Think Inclusion, not Isolation.

Healthcare Services

Adults with IDD’s have an increased susceptibility for many chronic health conditions compared with their peers. We will work with local healthcare networks to make sure their needs are met.

Adaptive Employment

We will work with local agencies to help adults with IDD’s find and keep meaningful and fulfilling employment with companies that understand and adapt to their unique needs. 

Supportive Systems

 Many people on the autism spectrum and those with other IDDs will need supportive community services throughout adulthood. Our goal is to ensure that natural support systems are in place to aid in their progress.

Social Integration Opportunities

Many adults with IDDs need help in learning how to act in different types of social situations. Our cohousing community program offers an opportunity to practice their social skills.

Teamwork Makes Dreams Work
Meet Our Team
We thoroughly understand the concern of parents who wonder, what will happen to my child when I’m no longer able to care for them. Our organization was founded by parents of adult sons with autism. We thoroughly understand the concern of many parents who are worried about what will happen to our children when they’re no longer around to care for them.  
Jim Richardson
Jim has over 35 years of consulting services experience and has been investing in real estate for over 40 years. As a principal in a commercial real estate capital consulting firm, he has experience raising and managing discretionary investment capital. As a parent of a grown son with Autism, his business vision and personal mission connect in a most meaningful way.
Jim Richardson
Co-Founder & CEO
Nancy Carey-Richardson_800x950
Nancy has been involved in the Autistic community since the day her son was diagnosed 23+ years ago. Her business background and personal interest in advancing the awareness and support for individuals living on the Autistic spectrum has intersected in unique ways over the years.
Nancy Carey
Co-Founder & Vice President
Diane Lawson_800x950
Diane has been involved in the special needs community since her son was diagnosed over twenty years ago. A professional in healthcare legal/insurance/risk management for over thirty years, Diane’s vision is to create a place where her son and other adults with special needs will have the opportunity to live in their own homes and create a community filled with acceptance, safety, and love.
Diane Lawson
Executive Director, Lehigh Valley
Steve Grumann
Born in Texas, raised in North Dakota, educated in Minnesota, and settled in Pennsylvania. Steve is the proud husband of TeriLyn Garrison and dad to Reed (22), Simon (20), and Lyla (15). The behavioral services they were able to get for their autistic son, Simon, lifted him from a frustrated, non-verbal mess of a boy into a highly articulate, kind, and engaged young man. As Simon makes his way into adulthood, Steve is immensely pleased to join the board of Neuro Diverse Living to create and operate the safe, respectful, and integrated living environments that Simon and everyone like him richly deserve.
Steve Grumman
Executive Director, Bucks County
Stacey Fish _800x950
Strategic relationship and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry. Unique skillset across products, technology and services combined with experiences in customer support, sales, marketing, communities and corporate affairs.
Stacey Fish
Advisory Board - Corporate Relations
Toby Mathis is a founder of Infinity Investing and Anderson Business Advisors, one of the most successful law, tax, and estate planning companies in the United States. Toby is Managing Partner/President Las Vegas Offices of Anderson Business Advisors
Toby Mathis
Advisory Board - Legal
Howard Kuritzky
Advisory Board & Volunteer Coordinator (glasses, sweater) - Howard has over 40 years of experience in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations in the Chemical, Power & Electronics Industries. Howard has served on the Board of several non-profits in PA. Now retired and the parent of an autistic adult daughter, Howard is engaged in seeking solutions for housing Neuro Diverse people.
Howard Kuritzky
Advisory Board - Volunteer Committee
Kaitlin Stefanski
Kaitlyn serves on our Advisory Board and as our lead Social Media Influencer coordinator.
Kaitlin Stefanski
Advisory Board & Social Media Influencer Coordinator
Brooke is a family-first high-energy entrepreneur with a passion for and experience in hospitality, retail, real estate, technology sales, consulting, philanthropy, and non-profit leadership. She strives to serve, is determined to build meaningful relationships and desires to help reduce the daily challenges and stress our special-needs individuals and families experience.
Brooke Mitman
Advisory Board - Residential Development & Construction

Front Porch CoHousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL is excited to announce the launch of our new brand name, a cohousing community of private homes clustered around shared space and intentionally designed to create opportunities for those with and without neuro or cognitive disabilities to build meaningful and lasting relationships. A community where the people who live there care about one another. Front Porch CoHousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL believes the best way to deliver on our vision is to bring back that sense of belonging and being part of an authentic and vibrant community that many of us had growing up – when the neighborhood kids played together and knew it was time to go home when the streetlights came on, and you spent time on your front porch talking with neighbors. 

A place where you knew everyone and they knew you, and you looked out for one another.

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